About Our Owner


Nice to Meet You

I was inspired with an idea for Medicine  Lake Manor and have developed that idea into a vibrant, supporting and loving residence. I have always loved making my house into a home. Then adversity struck. My father and my husband succumbed to cancer. Through caring for them, I worked to make their days full and meaningful. While this experience was tragic, it was also transformational for me. I learned that a supportive and loving home is critical for happiness, especially for persons in need. It is through these experiences that I can relate to whatever challenges you face in your life. I resolve to be present, to listen to you and your loved one, and together we will find a way to manage the chaos.

I spent three decades working in corporate America, but my most challenging day at Medicine Lake Manor trumps my best day in the corporate world. I have never looked back. I love cooking, hiking, travel, home-improvement projects, spending time with my family. I am a person with boundless energy-I want to do it all. I have found my calling and look forward to working every day.

Medicine Lake Manor is a small company that provides big solutions to busy people. I am so proud of the care we are able to provide to families. Our staff is professional, but more importantly, we are caring, and genuinely want to help. I look forward to the opportunity to assist your family!

Medicine Lake Manor is fully insured and bonded and licensed in Minnesota as a residential care facility. License #37043